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Sipeco was created in the goal of shaping a cleaner world and reducing plastic pollution by replacing single-use plastics with sustainable and eco-responsible products such as reusable bamboo drinking straws made from natural bamboo stalk created as an alternative to plastic straws.


Hand holding a green plant and the planet to signify that Sipeco Bamboo Straws are an all natural product respectful of the planet


Our straws are made from natural bamboo stalk. That's it, nothing else added. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and can be harvested in 3 to 5 years making it a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Official logo of 1% For the Planet eco-friendly organization built to preserve natural environments


As proud members of 1% For the Planet, we pledge to give back 1% of our sales towards the preservation and conservation of natural environments in our continued efforts of shaping a plastic free future.

Green recycle sign the indicate that sipeco bamboo straws are sustainable and zero waste as they are biodegradable


Because our straws are 100% natural product, they are completely biodegradable and do not harm our environment unlike plastic straws which can take up to 200 years to decompose.

Bamboo straw packs

  • 10 Bamboo Straws
    10 Bamboo Straws of the brand Sipeco Bamboo straws next to each other including cleaning brush and cloth carry pouch with printed logo
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  • 30 Bamboo Straws
    Pack of 30 bamboo straws of yellow color. The straws are facing upwards and in circle formation
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  • 100 Bamboo Straws
    100 natural and sustainable Bamboo Straws of the Sipeco Bamboo straws facing upwards in a large circle shape.
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Eco-conscious man with a green leaf in his mid


At Sipeco we are an eco-minded company. Our goal first and foremost is to raise awareness on plastic pollution and take part in something bigger than ourselves by doing our bit to make a difference on our environment and support a plastic free world.

Drop of water in a recycle sign the indicate that the sipeco bamboo straws are reusable and sustainable


Our straws, contrary to plastic straws, are very durable and can be used hundreds of times over. Reusing means reducing waste and pollution on the long run. We recommend to clean the straws and dry them in a well ventilated area after each use. 

Hand holding out a green diamond as a sign of the quality and craftsmanship put in the natural bamboo straws


We uphold ourselves on delivering consistent high quality straws that are defect free. We strive to provide products of the highest standards at the best possible price. For this reason we keep our prices as low as we can while maintaining our high standards.

Alexis molatte face in a suit founder of Sipeco Bamboo Straws


"Hi, I'm Alex,

I founded Sipeco because I am part of those who want to make a positive difference to the world and change the we way do business.

I believe that by offering modern solutions to modern ecological problems we can raise awareness and set ourselves and our environment on a path towards a better future.

Although Sipeco is not enough to solve marine pollution on it's own, I truly believe that every action counts and only by becoming ambassadors of change and adapting our habits can we hope to protect our planet and all the wonderful creatures that live on it (inlcuding us).

Blonde lady holding a cup with a bamboo drinking straw from Sipeco
Man in bleu shirt crossed armed happy about his bamboo straws
Barista with a beard making a drink from his bar where he uses sipeco bamboo straws

Great idea for a present, easy to clean and the kids love them. I really like the pouch that comes with to carry the straws around. 

Sarah, Sydney

Absolutely cool product! They look beautiful and it is always a plus knowing you are helping the environment.

Georges, Dubai

These straws are awesome! They are a real talking point and my customers go crazy for them always wanting to take some home. 

Marc, London

Eco-friendly living

Each day our addiction to plastic continues to pollute and  harm our planet, as well as damage natural habitat and eco-systems which is affecting us on a global scale.

This can be prevented by adopting simple changes to our daily habits. We believe that small differences add up and only by being part of the change can we collectively make it happen. 

By choosing Sipeco you are also choosing to eliminate plastic straws and shape a better future for our planet. Start making a difference today and help us protect our environment. Switch to Sipeco

Plastic bag in a green recycle sign to indicate that reusing will reduce pollution and reduce plastic pollution


Reusing is one of the best ways to stop waste. A human will use up to 50,000 straws in their lifetime. By reusing each straw just once we can cut by half the amount of straws polluting our oceans. Small changes make big differences

green Plastic bag with recycle sign to indicate that recycling will reduce plastic pollution and preserve marine life


Plastic straws are too small and flexible to properly be recycled and often end up in landfills or in the ocean. Our straws just like our packaging are a zero-waste product and can easily be recycled or composted instead of killing marine life. 

Sea turtle swimming with a plastic bag on it's face to indicate that humans need to reduce plastic pollution in order to preserve marine life


It is imperative that we change our habits and reduce our single use plastic consumption. By using a reusable straw made from natural bamboo, not only are you saving money, but also doing your part to reduce our environmental impact. 


Looking for larger quantities of bamboo straws? We offer wholesale options and can customize your order based on your quantity needed. As well as provide custom laser engraving to showcase your brand and create a lasting impact while being more eco-responsible.

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a global corporation, Sipeco is the solution for you and for our planet. 

For hospitality orders, custom engraving or general inquiries, please contact:

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