Worldwide eco-shipping


Hi, I'm Alex, I worked in the hospitality industry for many years in some of the leading hotel groups from around the world. I noticed that most modern eco-responsible companies try to reduce waste and their ecological footprint. The first way to do so is to reduce single use plastics.

Plastic water bottles, plastic wraps, plastic bags, plastic shampoo containers ect. As the world moves forward, global businesses need to find sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. The major contender of which is plastic straws.
From metal or glass straws (hard on the teeth and hazardous), to paper straws (soggy), edible straws (weak and unreliable) and even wheat straws (weak and alters taste). There seems to be no true replacement to plastic straws.
It is clear that modern business need modern solutions to keep offering the same level of service while being eco-responsible.
That is why the idea of Sipeco bamboo straws was born. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant on the planet making it sustainable. They are 100% natural, inexpensive and can be used multiple times over. Contrary to other eco-straws, they are not harmful for the teeth nor pose a sanitary or ecological risk. They do not alter taste or get soggy. Most of all, they are completely natural and are a zero-waste product as they are fully biodegradable. 
Considering 8 billion plastic straws are polluting our oceans and killing our marine life, we set it as our mission to change things and make a positive difference by sharing our idea to the world.
Sipeco on its own will not solve all our problems, but Sipeco is more than a brand or a company. It is a mindset born from the idea that anyone can take action in protecting our planet. Every little change helps and every bamboo straw we produce is one less plastic straw destroying our environment. Furthermore, we pledge to give back 1% of our earnings to the movement 1% For the Planet to help fund conservation efforts of natural environments. 
1% For the Planet
Help us make a difference and change our current ways. By choosing Sipeco you are taking part in shaping a better tomorrow and protecting our planet simply by enjoying your drink with a Sipeco bamboo straw.

Thank you, Alex

alexis molatte founder of sipeco bamboo straw